Tucker Carlson doesn't actually think Vick should be executed

The FOX News analyst said he got too emotional when he said last week that Michael Vick(notes) should have been executed for torturing and murdering dogs. Oh, you think so, doctor?

(The Vick discussion begins at the 4:25 mark.)

I'm watching that clip and thinking, "Hey, for someone who said something idiotic like 'execute Michael Vick,' Carlson is making a reasoned argument that both takes back that statement while rationally defending his dislike of Vick." And then -- BAM -- he compares the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to a child molester. I'm not going to even dignify that one with a response.

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Sean Hannity, for what it's worth, is the welcome voice of reason in this video. Of course, with the way Tucker Carlson was babbling, even Tony Siragusa would have sounded wise in comparison.

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