Troy Aikman is 'concerned' about Tony Romo's back

There are few men on earth who can understand what it's like to be Tony Romo, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Fewer still understand what Romo is going through from an injury perspective, and one of those is a bit concerned.

Troy Aikman, a Cowboys legend, retired after 12 years in the league in large part because of back difficulties. Speaking to the Cowboys' website, Aikman was frank about his perspective on Romo's prospects: "Two back surgeries in less than a year at his age, I would be a bit concerned."

Make no mistake, Aikman is firmly in Romo's corner. But he's taking a pragmatic view of Romo's injury recovery. “I’m hopeful that he’s able to come back," Aikman said. "Everybody is. This team won’t be the same if he’s not able to. I anticipate that he will come back. But to say that, ‘Hey, he’s ahead of schedule and everything’s going fine,’ I’m not sure how you can really measure that here in April.”

Romo and Aikman have plenty of parallels. Romo is also entering his 12th year, and he'll turn 34 this year, the age Aikman was at retirement. Aikman didn't hint that change was on the way, noting instead that Brandon Weeden and, presumably, Kyle Orton will be suitable backups.

"It doesn’t sound like they’ll be drafting [a quarterback]," Aikman said of the Cowboys. "But if they can find a free agent to come out and at some point down the road play like Tony has played, that’s a pretty good way to go.”

You know where this ought to head, though. Johnny Manziel to the Cowboys. Make it happen, Jerry.

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