Treat yourself to the pants of Tim Tebow

Shutdown Corner

The nation has been set aflame with Tebow Madness in the wake of his glorious fourth-quarter comeback victory in Miami on Sunday. With football magic in his fingertips and boundless love in his heart, Tim Tebow elevated football, nay, sport itself, past mere fun and games and into a new universal language of joy that turned us all, if just for a minute, into towering beacons of healing spiritual light.

In doing so, he helped the 2-4 Denver Broncos beat the 0-6 Miami Dolphins in overtime. And that makes his pants worth five grand. Via eBay, the shroud of Tebow can be yours.

The pants, which I understand Tebow puts on two legs at a time, were worn by No. 15 when he threw his first NFL touchdown pass against the Chiefs last season. They have not been laundered and come complete with " multiple hit marks, stains, and tears."

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These pants held the legs that held up the torso that turned the arms that flung the football that landed in the arms of Spencer Larsen and changed the sporting landscape forever.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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