Trashed combine hotel room belonged to Clemson’s DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers’ Mark Harrison

It isn't quite a failed drug test or a bad Wonderlic on the scale of things that could make one's draft stock plummet, but the reports that there was a trashed hotel room belonging to two players at the scouting combine now have two names attached to them: Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and Rutgers receiver Mark Harrison. The players' names were revealed by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

One NFL general manager told FOX Sports' Alex Marvez that Hopkins claims to have checked out of the room hours before the incident happened. Hopkins subsequently said the same thing on his Twitter account.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post was the first to report the damage, and that one of the players involved refused to make himself available to discuss it during his pro day. According to a recent Y! Sports report, most of the damage was done in the bathroom, where urine and feces were strewn around the room, and toothpaste was left on the mirror. In addition, according to National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster, who runs the scouting combine, there was trash all over the hotel room.

"I can confirm that a room was left in an inappropriate condition and we're disappointed by both players who occupied the room," Foster told Y! Sports' Jason Cole. "There was no material damage to the room; otherwise we would be pursuing further action and really be trying to get to the bottom of the situation. It's just very disappointing, and the people we feel the worst for are the people at the Crowne Plaza who had to clean it up."

Foster also said that more than 10 teams called him after the incident was reported to follow up. What this does to the draft stocks of Hopkins and Harrison is open to conjecture, but it certainly doesn't help. Hopkins, who placed 43rd in our "Shutdown 50" series, could be messing with a first-round grade in the eyes of some people. Harrison, who was once projected as a possible future star for the Scarlet Knights, didn't live up to that and is seen by many analysts as an undrafted free agent.

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