Tracy Porter has a bitter reaction upon having to give No. 24 to Charles Woodson

Many players are very territorial about their jersey numbers. Usually the issue gets settled, sometimes with a large cash payment, and that's that.

Cornerback Tracy Porter, who is best known for sealing Super Bowl XLIV for New Orleans with an interception return for a touchdown, didn't seem to want to give No. 24 to Raiders teammate Charles Woodson. This has been an ongoing story and it didn't seem like anyone was joking about the matter. Porter signed with Oakland first, got No. 24 and really didn't want to give it up. He wasn't handing it over even though Woodson spent eight seasons wearing that number with Oakland to start his career, and he's Charles Woodson.

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So when Porter tweeted out the news that No. 24 was handed to Woodson right as Raiders camp is about to begin, his bitterness seemed pretty authentic.

Perhaps Porter, who is more known for wearing No. 22 but can't have that for the Raiders because Taiwan Jones does, was just kidding around and this isn't a big deal. It doesn't seem that way on the surface, and there's history of players getting very serious about their jersey numbers. And, the most likely outcome is Porter will laugh this off when asked about it. We'll let you be the judge of how serious Porter really is about this.

The good thing for Raiders fans, who pleaded with Woodson to return to Oakland this offseason when he was a free agent, is all of their No. 24 Woodson jerseys won't look out of place this season.

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