Tracy Morgan shares many NFL secrets

Shutdown Corner

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" has been in Indianapolis for Super Bowl week, and Tracy Morgan dropped by Wednesday night. The segment was surprisingly football-centric, including things about Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson and Tom Brady that I did not know.

Here. Let's learn together.

So, just to recap, here's what we learned about the NFL in a four-minute segment of Tracy Morgan on Jimmy Fallon's show:

• Tom Brady went to "special ed school" with Tracy Morgan.
• On the short bus, Tom Brady wore a crash helmet and spit on the windows, but it was OK, because Tracy's boy Sharkey was there to protect his Justin Beaver hair.
• Tony Dorsett is Tracy Morgan's biological father.
• Unless you believe Tracy's aunt, who believes it was really Drew Pearson (and who could say no to that mustache?).
• Drew Pearson also drove a white van, out of the back of which he sold fish.
• Tracy likes the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

That's more informative than an episode of "Edge NFL Matchup."

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