Torrey Smith: Bumbling doofus to conquering hero in 28 seconds

Shutdown Corner

We had a handful of classic games on Sunday, ending with the heart-stopping Ravens/Steelers fight in primetime. One player provided both the highs and the lows in the final minute. Watch Torrey Smith fail with 42 seconds to play, and then finish with 14 seconds left.

The touchdown catch gives the Ravens a regular-season sweep of the Steelers, the top spot in the AFC North, and ensures that Torrey Smith will never have to pay for a drink in Baltimore for the rest of his life.

I'd like to buy him one myself. He shook off the catastrophe that happened just seconds before, a catastrophe which, had the Ravens lost, would've made him a target for ridicule and bile on every sports radio talk show in Baltimore for weeks to come (not to mention Smith's holding penalty that erased a 76-yard touchdown run by Ray Rice in the first quarter).

It would've been easy for him to hang his head there and hope that another ball didn't come his way. But Joe Flacco kept his faith in Smith, and Smith kept faith in himself, enough to make a spectacular game-winning catch in the corner of the end zone.

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