Tony Romo’s vest will stop bullets, linebackers and baseball bats

Shutdown Corner

This is a shameless marketing tactic from a company called Impact Gel, but you know, we only get so many opportunities here to post videos of people getting hit in the ribs with baseball bats.

The Kevlar vest Tony Romo will be wearing on Monday night to protect his factured ribs will be made by Unequal Technologies, but the Impact Gel people feel like they have a similar product that could protect Romo pretty well, too. It's got, according to the guy below, one layer of gel between two layers of carbon fiber.

Watch some other dude whale on his ribs with a baseball bat.

Admittedly, that is pretty impressive, and he mentions Tony Romo, so it's relevant. This guy says he's worn the Unequal vest and been hit by shovels, cricket bats, aluminum bats and nightsticks and been just fine.

I love all the new technology. It seems like if we can do this, we ought to be able to make something to keep guys from being concussed.

Gracias, Total Pro Sports.

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