Tony Romo shows the kind of moves we didn’t know he had on great escape and completion

There's a quarterback in Texas who makes defenders look stupid while executing move after move in the backfield, extending the play until he can find an open receiver downfield.

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel? Well, him too, but this time we're talking about Tony Romo.

Wait, Romo? The guy who averaged 47.7 rushing yards per season coming into Sunday? That's a decent half of football for Johnny Football.

But Romo channeled his inner Fran Tarkenton to make the Broncos look bad on one completion to Jason Witten in the first quarter.

Romo started left, then went right, then left again and looked like he was sacked. But Romo spun out of the sack when the defensive lineman had him by the jersey (seriously, where have these moves been Tony?), and went back to his left, buying more time than you see just about any quarterback get in the NFL. He fired a nice strike to Witten for the first down.

Hey, maybe the Cowboys will see that on film and incorporate some read option for Romo.

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