Tony La Russa’s daughter is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The Oakland Raiders were playing in Los Angeles when Tony La Russa managed the Oakland A's, so it's likely that the famed baseball manager didn't get to see the silver and black play too much at the Oakland Coliseum. He'll have a reason to go watch the team this year.

La Russa's daughter, Bianca, successfully tried out for the team's cheerleading squad last week and will be a Raiderette in the upcoming season. (If there is an upcoming season, that is.)

She tweeted the news last week: "A goal and a dream come true- I'm a 2011 Raiderette! I'm so excited to rep an organization that does so much good."

Though we're not sure what good the Raiders do other than handing money to undeserving draft picks and keeping the Band Aid industry afloat, we'll chalk up that comment to youthful exuberance.

If she's anything like her dad, Bianca will use five dancers on a four-dancer routine, move the worst dancer up to No. 7 in the dancing order and have Buzz Bissinger follow her around and write a deifying book about three days in the life of a cheerleader.

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