Tony Dungy wouldn't hire Rex Ryan because he curses too much

In Tony Dungy's world, the NFL would be a land of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, where nobody ever uses profanity and everyone is more focused on guiding the youth of America rather than winning football games.

During an interview on Monday with Dan Patrick, Dungy ripped New York Jets coach Rex Ryan for using too much profanity during the HBO show "Hard Knocks". (As we detailed last week, Ryan used the "f word" 10 times during the 50-minute show and sprinkled in dozens of other profanities as well.) The former Indianapolis Colts coach said he wouldn't hire Ryan if given the opportunity and implored Roger Goodell to intervene, all because Ryan cursed a few times on a TV show that Dungy admits he didn't even watch.

"I have not watched it. I've gotten the reports. I'm disappointed with all the profanity. I think Rex can make his points without all that."

Wait, so he hasn't watched the show? What is he basing this disappointment on, second-hand whispers from Peter King? How does he know Ryan can make his points without cursing if he hasn't seen the context of the usages? Maybe expletives are the glue that holds Ryan's sentences together, like a saltier article.

No matter, Dungy wouldn't hire Ryan anyway. "Personally, I don't want my players to be around that," he said." I don't want to be around that. If I were in charge, I wouldn't hire someone like that." So, to be clear: being around Michael Vick: cool. Being around Rex Ryan: not cool.

The current NBC studio analyst then said that commissioner Roger Goodell should speak with Ryan because he fears that kids will watch the HBO show and get the incorrect message that using profanity is the way to be successful. I'd be more worried about kids watching Ryan will learn that using profanity is a way to be hilarious, but I see the point. (Although seeing how these kids Dungy speaks of live in households with HBO, I'm pretty sure they've heard one or 10 thousand bad words during their lives.)

There's nothing wrong with Dungy objecting to Ryan's language. He's entitled to his opinion and, in this case, I bet it's an opinion that's popular with many people. Ryan does curse a lot and if you're offended by that then it's natural to think he should stop. But to call out the guy on national radio, say you wouldn't hire him and suggest he go to the principal's office because he uses the f word in a motivational sense? That's going a bit overboard.

If Dungy doesn't want to curse, fine. It's worked for him. But to impose his beliefs on everyone else is holier-than-thou nonsense. Why does the Tony Dungy way have to be the only right way?


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