Tonight in Glendale, it's a Menage-a-Belichick

Inside Track, the tabloid garbage portion of the Boston Herald, reports that Bill Belichick's going to have to put together a dynamic sexual playbook this weekend to keep two women satisfied.

He's been seen around town this week with a blonde woman named Linda Holliday, who you might recall from last April, when she was keeping Bill's lap warm at the NCAA tournament finals. But the Inside Track people say that Sharon Shenocca, the woman who was happily married before Bill Belichick invited her inside the hoodie, is also coming to Phoenix for the Super Bowl festivities.

All I can tell you is that Bill Belichick's going to need a lot of G2 to keep both women smiling. But I don't doubt his ability to pull this off, not even for a second. Belichick is the league's best head coach, but he also might be the league's best player.

• Both Beli-chicks touch down for Bowl! / Boston Herald

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