Tommy Kelly loses pants, wins game

You'll often hear football announcers talking about players hitting so hard they figuratively knock their socks off. In Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos, you could literally say that about Tommy Kelly(notes). Except instead of his socks getting knocked off, it was his pants.

On a crucial 2nd and goal tackle of Knowshon Moreno(notes), the pants of the Oakland Raiders defensive tackle fell off his waist and dropped to his feet. Kelly had wrestled the rookie to the ground short of the goal line and then lost his balance and pants along the way. Thankfully for CBS the wardrobe malfunction was PG-rated, as Kelly had on a jock strap underneath his compression shorts and pants.

One play later, the Raiders stopped the Broncos again and forced a field goal, which kept it as a one-possession game. Oakland eventually scored the game-winning touchdown with 39 seconds left after a drive that saw one fourth-and-10 conversion and a number of broken plays which turned into big gains. Looks like Tommy Kelly wasn't the only Raider flying by the seat of his pants yesterday in Denver.

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