Tom Brady will do weird things to sell candy

Shutdown Corner

Imagine a stranger approaches you and proposes the following: You will spend the next few hours sitting in a random CVS and engaging in staring contests with every willing stranger who walks in the door. Then, we'll go outside and videotape you offering candy to children out of your car window. When that's done, we'll videotape your mock arrest.

Does that sound like a pleasant Wednesday afternoon to you? Me neither. But Tom Brady did it, for the sake of peddling something called Unreal Candy. Here he is, staring people down and trying to lure children into his vehicle.

Maybe that'll help with getting Wes Welker to sign a long-term deal. Have Tom dangle some candy out of a window if Welker will get in and sign a contract. For added authenticity, though, I'd ditch the Lexus and make it an old van with curtains in the windows.

Gracias, Freep.

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