Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, by the numbers

We're all pretty lucky to have witnessed a NFL quarterback rivalry that might never be duplicated.

The careers of New England's Tom Brady and Denver's Peyton Manning paralleled each other perfectly. Brady is in his 14th season, Manning is in his 16th and both are still playing remarkable football. People like to simply view Manning with the numbers and Brady with the victories, but that's not fair to either. Brady is one of two men with 50 touchdowns in a season and one of five with a 5,000-yard season. Manning has been a part of 177 wins including a Super Bowl. They've both been great in every way.

They'll meet in Sunday's AFC championship game for the 15th time. There's a good chance they'll never meet again with this much on the line.

An argument could easily be made these are the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and we've had a chance to see them duel on the field almost every year. It's the Chamberlain-Russell, Ali-Frazier or Bird-Magic rivalry of the NFL. It has been amazing to witness.

We've managed to dissect the rivalry in every way, and here's Yahoo's Amber Matsumoto's look at the two by the numbers:

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