Tom Brady is now sporting a handsome little ponytail

Here we see New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(notes) and the little missus enjoying themselves at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

Tom's hair has been the subject of much discussion over the past year. Randy Moss(notes) told him he looked like a girl, Justin Bieber asked that he stop ripping off the Bieb's style, and Tom's response was, "Hey, my lady likes it that way." Tom has ignored all the critics and taken things to the next level, going all the way to a ponytail now.

You may not find it to be the most masculine look in the world, but again, I remind you: Tom Brady is in Rio de Janiero mugging out with Gisele Bundchen. Tom Brady wins.

Here's a look at how Tom's hair has evolved over the past year. Please update your Tom Brady Hair Growth Charts accordingly.

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