Todd Haley will still be coaching the Chiefs tomorrow, probably

After two games, the Kansas City Chiefs are 0-2, have been outscored 89-10, and, despite the fact that they have spent all 120 minutes of the season trailing, have the league's saddest passing game, averaging 110.5 air yards per game.

If your next thought is, "Well, when are they going to fire the head coach?", you wouldn't be alone. The talk is out there.

Adam Schefter says Todd Haley might be on the proverbial hot seat. Peter King implies that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli would be safe if the Chiefs decide to shake things up, but that Haley wouldn't be. CBS's Pete Prisco said that Haley "is in big trouble." There's even talk of replacements already. Schefter suggested Romeo Crennel, and Michael Silver puts the name of Josh McDaniels out there.

Nothing official has come from the Chiefs, but it wouldn't. Maybe they're not thinking about making a move, or maybe this is the quiet period that always seems to precede the axe falling on someone's neck.

As for Haley, he plans on continuing to coach. "The season will not be canceled, as far as I know," he said. And he's right, it won't be. He just might not be a part of it.

To me, it seems wildly premature, but you never know how things will go down. Only two games have been played since the Chiefs came out of nowhere to make the playoffs last season. Nine months ago, they were everyone's darling -- the scrappy team with an enviably young roster that was moving in the right direction. It was unthinkable that Todd Haley's job would be in jeopardy.

Things change quickly, though, and being outscored 89-10 over two games will accelerate the process. A move like this, if it's going to happen mid-season, is most likely to come right before a bye week. The Chiefs have theirs in Week 6.