Today in Inés Sainz news and commentary

• The NFL has taken the opportunity to send a memo out to all 32 clubs, reminding them that women reporters do, in fact, have the same rights as men reporters, must be granted the same access, and deserve to be treated like professionals. Controversial policies, I know, but sometimes reminders are necessary.

• The Redskins organization officially condemned the comments Clinton Portis made.

• Oh good, Rush Limbaugh has chimed in. If you missed his show, Rush is of the belief that the best ways to address the issue are to refer to Sainz as "bootylicious" and mock her accent. Hmmm. Poignant.

• Both Deadspin and With Leather have editorials from women who currently, or wish to someday, cover sports for a living. Both are very much worth a few minutes of your time.

• ESPN's Jemele Hill says both the Jets and Ms. Sainz have a few lessons to learn.

• And finally, Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog, who has an email inbox that must look exactly like mine, shares some insight. If your take on the issue is that females shouldn't be allowed in men's locker rooms, or that players shouldn't be forced to display their bathing suit areas to female reporters, then I'd encourage you to give Mr. Steinberg's words a few minutes of your time.

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