Titus Young’s father says, ‘That’s not my son,’ says concussions could play a part in criminal behavior

Former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young had a questionable history even before he was drafted in 2011, but the recent behavior that caused Young to be arrested three times in less than a week has his family wondering just who Titus Young is anymore. Young was first arrested twice on May 5 -- first for a DUI, and second, for trying to steal his own car from the impound lot. Then, he was charged with burglary, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest last Friday after he tried to break into a San Clemente, Calif. home and fought with police during a chase.

On the same day Young was arrested for the third time, he had breakfast with his father, Richard, and Young's father says that there was no indication his son was about to continue his crime spree.

“We were really talking, and so I was loving it,” Richard Young told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press on Monday. “We get home, and he said, ‘Daddy, I left my phone in the car. Can I get my phone?’ ’Cause usually I give my wife the key to hold the key, ’cause he’s not supposed to be driving. And I gave him the key, he sat in the car for a minute, and he took off and we ain’t seen him since.”

Richard Young told the Free Press that his son had recently sought psychiatric treatment in Texas and California, and that he was planning to enter a facility to deal with his problems. Now, he's in the medical ward of the Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana, and Richard Young is left to wonder just who his son has become.

“I hope they just forgive Titus because this ain’t none of Titus, it wasn’t none of his fault. I look at my son right now, I don’t see my son. That’s not my son. I know my son. Titus is not the boy I really raised, I’m saying the way he acts, the way he intermix[es] in society right now. He shut down, he look[s] through you, it’s like he’s depressed. He don’t like to watch TV, he don’t like to get involved with music that much. And these are the things that you’ve got to know what’s going on in the world. Cause we in the world, you’ve got to have a relationship with the world. You’ve got to deal with people. I don’t know, but we’ve been trying to get him help.”

In truth, Young has had a complicated relationship with the world for a while. He was suspended from the Boise State football team for fighting with a teammate, a pattern of behavior that reared its head again when he sucker-punched Lions teammate Louis Delmas. And the willfulness that had him refusing to run the right routes for the Lions in a protest of playing time isn't that different from the attitude that got him booted out of the Athletes Performance facility in Carson, Calif., when he became belligerent over a 40 time he disagreed with during his pre-draft process.

Still, as Richard Young says, his son's behavior has clearly gone over the edge ... and he doesn't really know why. However, Mr. Young does point to a concussion his son suffered during his time with the Lions as a possible factor.

“He said, ‘I don’t feel good.’ He just started crying,” Mr. Young said his son told him last December. “He said, ‘I just don’t feel good. I’m not myself, I don’t feel good, Dad. I don’t know what’s happening to me.’ ”

According to the Free Press, Titus Young was undergoing counseling, and had been prescribed the anti-psychotic drug Seroquel. But Mr. Young said that his son was not taking the medication as prescribed. Currently, he's on medical hold, and he will undergo a video arraignment in the near future. He's being held on $75,000 bail.

“Ain’t nothing we can do, man, but pray," Mr. Young concluded. "We just want Titus to get well, that’s all we’re doing right now.

"We ain’t thinking about football, we’re thinking about our son now, because I don’t know what’s going on with him.

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