Tim Tebow is wearing jeans in his new print ad for Jockey

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Tim Tebow has a new print advertisement for Jockey in which he's standing shirtless in the middle of a field. Shutdown Corner analyzes the photograph and searches for its hidden meanings.

• There's been some criticism that Tebow wearing jeans in the picture obscures from the underwear he's trying to sell. "If you're not going to show the product, then how is the campaign going to work?" marketing expert Stephen Bender told The Huffington Post. "You are either selling underwear or you're not." (Yes, because those Super Bowl commercials we're going to see on Sunday are all about the product and not Ferris Bueller or Jerry Seinfeld or dancing baby chimps.)

Tebow will not be Jim Palmering in any of the advertisements. "Some things are better when left to the imagination," a Jockey PR director said to HuffPo.

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• Those Broncos in the photo are running in the opposite direction of where Tebow is aimed. It must be a metaphor for Tebow's career completion percentage.

• Tebow is throwing under a dark sky. It brings to mind 1 Kings 18:45. "Meanwhile, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain started falling and Ahab rode off to Jezreel." Once in Jezreel, Ahab met with his wife, Jezebel. Translation: Tebow is marrying Kim Kardashian soon.

• Despite all the hype Tebow is bringing Jockey this week, the front of the company's website features two unknown models (one of whom looks like a less-sour version of the lady from "Gray's Anatomy") engaged in some light sparring. If I'm paying Tebow the big bucks, I'm putting him on every page of that site and letting him model everything, whether it be tightie-whities, boxers, briefs, socks, ladies activewear or sports bras.

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