Tim Tebow still isn’t technically a New York Jet

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

So far in New York, Tim Tebow has been involved in an incomplete pass and a delay of game, and the season doesn't start for almost six more months.

The beloved, if not technically proficient quarterback, still isn't an official member of the New York Jets despite the stutter-step Wednesday trade that sent him to Broadway for a fourth-round pick. Because of the salary advance issue that almost sent him elsewhere, Tebow had to sign a new, restructured contract with the Denver Broncos before the trade was consummated. ESPN reported the news.

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Tebow has to stay a Bronco for 24 more hours and then can be traded to the Jets, which he will be this weekend. On Monday, finally, he will be announced as the team's new "backup" quarterback. "Backup" should remain in quotes until Mark Sanchez makes it through a game without fans chanting "TEEEEEBOW!" Until then, Tebow may be No. 2 of the depth chart, but he'll be No. 1 on the minds of disgruntled Jets fans.

The team has publicly stated its plans to feature Tebow in a wildcat role in the team's offense. This despite the fact that multiple-QB systems have historically been about as effective as electric cars. Throw in a sensationalized New York media market that certainly will avoid harping on every little difference between Sanchez and Tebow and won't try to gin up controversy through back-page headlines, and this has a "John Carter" type of vibe to it.

It's all moot until Monday, though. For now, Tim Tebow remains the Denver Broncos' headache.

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