Tim Tebow, the special teamer?

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Whatever the Jets end up doing with Tim Tebow in 2012, it's going to carry a heavy element of surprise. That's the upside of an acquisition that makes many people ask, "What the heck are they going to do with him?"

Peter King mentioned on Monday morning something we haven't heard much of before ‒ Tim Tebow, the special teamer. Here's the King:

I thought Tebow was going to be used five to eight snaps a game, but listening to coach Rex Ryan in Florida, he sounds like he's open to more -- up to 20 -- with the field spread, near the goal line, on two-point conversions, and maybe even using Tebow as the personal protector on the punt team. Having a defense in alert mode for Tebow will be a benefit no matter how accurate he is. Or isn't.

One can see how having Tebow on the punt team would be of help the Jets. By just having him out there, the receiving team has one more thing to which to pay attention. If the Jets end up doing this, it would be interesting to monitor their success on special teams plays with Tebow vs. special teams plays without Tebow.

Maybe he'll hold field goals, too, and make teams keep an eye on the possibility of a fake there, too. Maybe he'll try to block punts. Maybe he'll be on the kickoff coverage team. Maybe they'll let him run out onto the field and grab the tee after a kickoff.

[Y! Music: Taylor Swift looks honestly baffled by Tim Tebow joke]

I don't know. That's the point. Any crazy thing the Jets have up their sleeve with Tebow, they're going to keep under wraps until the games count. They could scheme up something new for him every single week.

Also, you know if Tebow makes three special teams tackles or scores one touchdown, he's getting the Pro Bowl nod as the AFC's special teamer. I'm sure no one in the league offices would mind selling some Tim Tebow Pro Bowl jerseys.

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