Tim Tebow's Super Bowl commercials might be the funniest of the year

We confess. We were at least a tiny bit wrong about Tim Tebow.

We've goofed on Tim Tebow in this space plenty, both for his not-ready-for-NFL-Prime-Time skills and the cult of devotees that worship his every move. How on earth does a guy whom three NFL teams gave up on, a guy without an NFL contract, remain so popular?

Turns out maybe Tebow's got some moves after all, at least in the commercial realm. He and T-Mobile have turned that no-contract albatross around his neck into a pair of wings — we'd say "angel's wings," but that might not sit well with some of Tebow's fanbase — and created a seriously, legitimately winning ad campaign. Check out the video above; another one will debut during the Super Bowl.

Admit it. You want to see "Illegal Formation" starring Tim Tebow right now. And it looks like his throwing motion isn't any more useful on the moon than it is on earth.

Thanks to his impending commentary stint on ESPN's SEC channel, Tim Tebow's going to be on our TV screens for a long, long time to come. But for the first time, we're not completely dreading that. Well done, Tim.

Want to watch the Big Game ads? Check them out here:

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