Tim Tebow says no to ‘NFL Today’ appearance

Shutdown Corner

Tim Tebow won't be appearing on "NFL Today" this weekend, he told The Denver Post on Tuesday. The network offered the American hero and Denver Broncos quarterback a guest spot on this week's AFC championship pregame show, but the quarterback and his advisors declined.

"I'm not doing it," Tebow said with a loquaciousness that would have left him ill-suited to join yappers Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on the set.

Tebow has been urged to rest by the team, so his decision not to fly to the East Coast for a pregame show should have been an easy one. And it's not like he needs the publicity. Tebow could hibernate for the next six months and he'd still appear countless times in newspapers, on websites and in the dreams of men and women nationwide.

That's not to say we agree with his decision. By spurning "The NFL Today," Tebow is making us miss out on what could have been. Some examples:

1. Dan Marino introducing Tebow and making a joke about how it's OK that he didn't win the Super Bowl.

2. Boomer Esiason feeling Tebow's biceps while mentioning that they didn't make 'em like that in his day. When he makes a muscle of his own, Esiason gets booed by Sharpe.

3. James Brown suggesting Tebow throw it to Jim and Phil in Foxboro, Tebow throwing it to a college basketball announcing team in Ann Arbor instead.

4. Esiason, wearing his Barbara Walters hat, trying in vain to bait Tebow into saying something controversial about his religion, his throwing mechanics, John Elway, John Fox or "all the haters out there."

5, Bill Cowher somehow relating a Tebow story to that year when Tommy Maddox was really good.

6. Laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

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