Tim Tebow’s picture and powder sent to Jersey City mayor, prompting city hall evacuation

Anwar S Richardson

Somebody devised a “brilliant” plan to scare Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and his staff into believing they were victims of a chemical or biological attack.

An envelope for mailing?


A note to place into that envelope?


Some “spiritual stuff” and “heaven stuff” within that letter?


Lastly, a picture of Tim Tebow?


As preposterous as that may sound, all of those ingredients prompted an evacuation of city hall on Monday, according to NJ.com.

Here is a portion of NJ.com reporter Michaelangelo Conte’s story:

“The shocked aide quickly called police, triggering a response from police, the fire department, the city bomb squad, the hazmat unit and ambulances that circled city hall Shea said those in the room where the envelope was opened were segregated and all others in the building were evacuated.

“Two tests performed on the powder revealed it was harmless and by 3:15 p.m City Hall workers were called to the building’s steps where they were told the good news was the powder is harmless and the bad news was they had to go back to work.”

Shea proceeded to say this incident is still being investigated, and police are trying to determine who sent the envelope. There was a return address on the envelope, but investigators assume that information is false.

Tebow is unemployed and optimistic an NFL team will sign him, but the former college standout’s popularity remains intact, even among pranksters. If an arrest is made, we might know why this person added a picture of Tebow to that letter. Tebow is very religious, but the only people he tried to attack were opposing defenses, not politicians.

If the culprit really wanted to scare the mayor, another picture would have done the trick.

An image of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

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