Tim Tebow is one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, had entry written by Jeremy Lin

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

In what's surely a first for any of Time's endless release of rankings, a backup quarterback earned prime placement in the magazine's list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World. Tim Tebow was listed alongside two presidential candidates, multiple world leaders, the guy who took over for Steve Jobs and Pippa, heady company for a guy recently traded for a fourth-round pick.

Time's "Most Influential" gimmick hasn't changed -- get famous people to write about how wonderful other famous people are -- which is why we have Howard Stern writing about Matt Lauer, Pink writing about Adele, Michael Moore writing about the Brazilian president, and Bono surely writing about someone (I haven't checked). Tebow gets the honor of having his Lin-try penned by Jeremy Lin, who writes:

Watching Tim Tebow play football, you can observe many things about his character. You see his fierce competitiveness, his strong work ethic and how he is a leader that his teammates trust and respect.

Tell that to John Elway, bro.

Lin, who also made the list, goes on to talk about Tebow's off-the-field qualities, for that's the real reason the QB made the cut. Few of the "celebrities" on the Time 100 exert actual influence. Adele sings nice songs (if you like that sort of thing), but unless it's making people feel wistful about their breakups, what's her real impact? Through his preaching and charity work, Tebow makes one. He's not just throwing touchdowns (or incompletions, as it were). People pay attention to him for more than what he's famous for. That's influence, backup or not.

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