Tim Tebow offered first lap dance by New York strip club

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

A New York city strip club is trying to give a whole new meaning to the word Tebowing.

Rick's Caberet in Manhattan has offered to provide Tim Tebow with his first lap dance in the Big Apple. The public relations stunt offer came via a press release from the club. Don Draper couldn't have come up with a better idea for free advertising.

Via Busted Coverage:

"I'm thrilled for the Jets and want to extend an extra special welcome to Tim Tebow," said Rick's Caberet Girl Beverly, a busty blonde beauty. "I've heard that he doesn't go to strip clubs, but I will be happy to give him his first lap dance. I promise he will like it. It would be my honor."

Tebow wouldn't find all the dancers at the club to be so hospitable.

"They got him just so they can sell Tebow t-shirts and Tebow merchandise," Sydney said, via the press release. "The Jets need football players not haberdashers."

Another of Rick's girls, "buxom brunette" Alex, thinks that Mark Sanchez is "sexier" than Tebow, who she merely deemed "cute." Yes, but think of all the haberdashery needs Tebow could fulfill, Alex!

The six-paragraph press release contained no references to Tebowing or religion or John Elway, thus making it the first such document in recorded history.

Thanks, Off the Bench

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