Tim Tebow has a monster first-half against the vaunted Steelers defense

Shutdown Corner

Remember when everyone was saying all week that Tim Tebow, coming of three very poor games, was going to really struggle against a vicious Pittsburgh defense?

Kindly forget all that, because Tim Tebow is absolutely shredding that vicious Pittsburgh defense.

Tebow has 185 passing yards at the half (on pace for 370 for the game) and one touchdown pass. He's carried one into the endzone, too. The score at halftime is 20-6, and the lead should probably be even bigger, and would be, if not for some red zone struggles.

The Steelers spent most of the half absolutely stacking the line of scrimmage with bodies, daring the Broncos to throw deep. Tebow's been happy to oblige. He's got completions of 52, 58 and 40 yards.

On the other side of the ball, Ben Roethlisberger has looked like people expected Tebow to look. He has one bad interception, another one was called back due to an offside penalty, and he's completed less than 50% of his throws. His ankle is clearly bothering him, and it's hard to see the Steelers scoring a lot of second-half points without a miracle recovery.

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