Tim Tebow jokes about his throwing motion with Jimmy Fallon (video)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

You thought you were done with Tim Tebow stories until after the Super Bowl, didn't you? Think again, my friends!

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The Denver Broncos quarterback was a guest on Wednesday night's episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." The show is shooting in Indianapolis this week and Tebow stopped by to talk about his new book, Fallon's "Tebowie" song and what he thinks of all that Tebowing:

I didn't figure Tebow for a black suit, black shirt, dark tie kind of guy. A Colonel Sanders suit, that would have made more sense. Dressing like the guy from "Twilight" was unexpected.

He's a great sport about everything. The Tebowie joke fell flat, but the fact that he's self-aware enough about his throwing motion to make a joke about it is refreshing.

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