Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are phone buddies

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Like two shooting stars meeting in a far off sky, the Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin phenomenons are joining forces. According to the Denver Broncos quarterback, he and Lin have struck up a phone friendship over the past few months.

"Good Morning America" had a brief report about the pair's bonding on Wednesday morning. The superstars bond over stardom, faith and, presumably, who Skip Bayless loves more.

This bromance will end in two possible ways: Tebow and Lin splitting one of those friendship necklaces or Lin denying Tebow three times before John Elway crows.

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Then again, it may fall victim to a famous third wheel. According to various reports, Tebow was seen dining with pop star Taylor Swift on Monday night in Los Angeles.

From Tebow Time to Linsanity to Te-lin to Swiftbow? All this needs is a Justin Bieber cameo and we've got enough material to last us through training camp.

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