Tim Tebow’s absence means Eric Decker can enjoy Denver a little more

Shutdown Corner

You may recall last season, when Tim Tebow took over for Kyle Orton as the Broncos starter, and proceeded to win football games with his grit, determination and magic. It generated a bit of media attention, to the point that everything else in the NFL became a minor side plot.

Anyway, Tebow's taken his bag of tricks to New York now, where the Jets get to sample the Tebowmania experience. That leaves Denver as a Tebow-free zone, and evidently, the Tebow-free life is a little less stressful for the rest of the Broncos. Wide receiver Eric Decker was asked about it on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver.

On if there's any sense of relief that the Tim Tebow circus is gone now:

"Tebowmania. Yeah, obviously he's earned the right to have conversations about him. I guess at the same time, to be honest with you it is nice just to kind of focus back on football, and we talk football and there's not — there's still a lot of excitement here with the football. I mean, he is a great teammate. I respect him greatly. But again, like you were saying, a lot of the focus right now is on football, is really talking about how we're gonna form this team to win some ball games next year."

If anything ever put the Tebow media obsession in perspective, it's that. This season, the Broncos added (arguably) the greatest quarterback of all time, a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer who is wrapped up in a pretty dramatic injury storyline of his own, and the media attention surrounding the quarterback position has decreased dramatically.

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I wonder how many of Decker's teammates feel similarly. It's nothing against Tebow, obviously, as Decker obviously has a lot of respect for him. But there's a gigantic cloud of media lust that follows Tebow wherever he goes, and for better or worse, that's part of what he brings to a team.

It's interesting that at least some of the Broncos get to breathe a sigh of relief in Tebow's absence, and it makes one wonder if the Jets will be in need of some breathing room at some point during this season.

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