Thomas DeCoud pulls off Meow Game during ‘SportsCenter’ interview (VIDEO)

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

Fans of the movie "Super Troopers" will recognize what Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud did in this interview with ESPN's "SportsCenter." He played the meow game, and tried to insert the word "meow" as often as he could in a four-minute interview without the interviewer noticing. The "SportsCenter" anchor either didn't notice or just kept going without even cracking a smile. That's a professional, folks.

Here is the time of every one of DeCoud's meows. Can you catch them all?

1. 0:41
2. 0:42
3. 0:48
4. 1:12
5. 1:33
6. 2:03
7. 2:26
8. 2:49
9. 2:50
10. 2:51
11. 2:52
12. 3:05
13. 3:46
14. 4:19

NFL players have to do many, many interviews. Pregame, postgame, offseason, preseason -- if there is one constant, it's football players having to tell their thoughts and feelings on an upcoming game, opponent or teammate. Can you blame them for shaking things up from time to time?

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