Things that happened in the NFL this weekend

Here's a quick look back at the things that happened in the NFL universe this weekend. Oh, and to all of you who graduated this weekend, I offer a hearty congratulations, and I hope that the commencement speech you heard wasn't too painfully depressing.

• Former Buffalo Bills great Bruce Smith was charged with drunken driving this weekend after being pulled over for speeding and refusing to take a breathalyzer. The officer did report, though, that Smith had a "positive demeanor", which is a great example to set for all the kids out there who get liquored up and drive.

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd ended his mini-hold out and signed a one-year deal with the Chargers.

ESPN girded their loins for Wednesday's prison release of Michael Vick. They'll have on-site coverage in three locations, including the joint in Leavenworth, Kansas, Hampton Roads, Virginia, where the crimes took place, and Atlanta. There'll be an hour-long special on the network on Tuesday. All-told, 13 reporters will be working the Vick story, and it's almost a lock that there will be absolutely zero news outside of what we already know.

• Bills fullback Corey McIntyre(notes) was arrested in Florida on charges doing something really, really icky. Before we even note what that icky thing is, I want to point out that McIntyre vehemently denies the charges. The charge being, disturbingly, that he stood outside the window of a 59-year-old woman at 8:30 in the morning, watching her and masturbating. Yikes. Even if it is true, the good news for McIntyre is that he's still not in the running to be the worst-behaved Buffalo Bills running back of all time. The news comes to us from TC, um, Palm.

• This one's not football-related, but Harry Caray visited us, via Will Ferrell, on Saturday night.

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