Terry Bradshaw's one-man show is coming to Vegas

I'm not sure how it happened, but at some point over the last few years, Terry Bradshaw has apparently become a treasured national entertainer.

The former Steelers quarterback and current Fox NFL analyst will be the star of a one-man show in Las Vegas. Why this is happening, I could not tell you, and that there's an audience clamoring for this comes as a surprise to me.

From Michael Heistand's Sports Television column at USA Today:

Fox's Terry Bradshaw begins rehearsals next-month for a one-man Las Vegas show that, he says, will be "kind of a Mark Twain thing where he'd give his philosophy of life and people would listen." Bradshaw says "he's not going to do it unless it's really good" and "for Vegas, it has to have a lot of humor." So, he says, "I'm coming out in a spandex thong thing to get the crowd going." He's probably joking.

Kind of a Mark Twain thing, you say? Oh, that sounds splendid. The only potential snag I see is that Mark Twain was truly brilliant, and Terry Bradshaw laughs maniacally and slaps furniture when Howie Long mispronounces something.

But who am I to judge. If Bradshaw wants to do it, and there are people who want to see it, then on with the show. There are a lot of popular entertainment options that I don't quite understand. Like OneRepublic or Dane Cook.

Personally, I've never found Bradshaw more entertaining than he was when he decided to lecture Ben Roethlisberger. A 45-minute set about how Ben Roethlisberger(notes) is a jack-ass might get me to buy a ticket.