Terry Bradshaw didn’t like how Drew Brees celebrated his record-breaking TD

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Drew Brees threw a touchdown pass for the 48th straight game on Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers, and his New Orleans Saints triumphed in front of their beloved, persecuted, suspended head coach Sean Payton. It was an evening of joy for the Saints and their loyal fans.

Terry Bradshaw hated it. The Fox analyst and four-time Super Bowl champion said on New York's WFAN that he didn't care for the way Drew Brees orchestrated the evening, and wasn't even that impressed with the record itself.

"I was a little upset that he went to the NFL to get Payton and everybody back to watch him break a record," Bradshaw said. "I'm like, 'Are you kidding me?' I never would have gone and asked for them back … I thought it was disrespectful to the San Diego Chargers … So break it, go ahead. Hell, you're throwing it 50 times a game … I'm just against stuff like that. I just don't believe in doing stuff like that."

I hadn't really considered that, but I guess in a certain light, there is a degree of selfishness to it. Brees was breaking an individual record, and asked the league to make a concession so that Payton (along with Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis) could be on hand to see him take down the record. All of this for an individual accomplishment.

So maybe that's a little self-centered on Brees' part, but on the other hand, it's not like there was some huge spectacle that took away from the game, either. There was an announcement in the stadium, and that was pretty much it. The extra point wasn't delayed, there was no break in the action, and there was nothing that should've affected the opposing Chargers.

Even if you agree with Bradshaw and believe Brees was a little too focused on celebrating an individual achievement, if there was nothing that showed up the opposition, where's the harm?

It wasn't just Brees' actions Bradshaw didn't like, though. The record itself doesn't impress him much.

"I'm not much on that stuff … I'm not into records, fellas. I'm just into winning football games. [The Saints] hadn't won a game … I'm not into records, I'm into winning Super Bowls … These things aren't important. We lose sight of why we play. We play to win and to win championships, not to break records."

Spoken like a guy who won a lot of championships but never had tremendous individual statistics. I'm not going to criticize either guy here. They're both great quarterbacks, but very different quarterbacks, too. I won't fault Drew Brees for wanting people important to him to see him break a record that he apparently valued. If that's not Terry Bradshaw's style, that's OK, too.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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