Terrell Owens tells the Jets via Twitter: ‘I’m available! I’m ready, willing, and able!’

In their 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans on Monday night, the New York Jets threw a skeleton crew of receivers on the field by necessity. Their top three projected receivers for the 2012 season -- Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill and tight end Dustin Keller -- were out with various injuries, and Holmes is out for the year with a foot injury suffered in last week's loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

There are those who would watch Mark Sanchez throw to guys like Chaz Schilens, Clyde Gates and Jeff Cumberland (no offense, guys, but you're not who the Jets intended to be Sanchez's top three) from their couches and think they could do better.

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One guy who actually might be able to do better, Terrell Owens, started a sales pitch to the Jets via his Twitter account.

Owens, who has been out of the league since the Seattle Seahawks released him from their roster on Aug. 26, went through an extensive rehab program after a knee injury. He last caught a regular-season NFL pass for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, and for whatever reason, there's been very little interest after the Seahawks' decision to move on.

"There's no way the receivers the Jets put on the field last night are better than Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, or Plaxico Burress," ESPN's Cris Carter said on the "Mike and Mike" show Tuesday morning. "Now, what they have decided to do for some reason is to put a team of receivers on the field who cannot help the quarterback. They do not have a go-to guy, and with Santonio hurt, that shouldn't be your only option at wide receiver."

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked about it in his Tuesday press conference. "You never say never to anything," he replied, when the subject of Owens came up. "We'll look at all options."

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The Jets signed free-agent receiver Jason Hill, who's more famous for saying that Jets shutdown corner Darrelle Revis was "overhyped" last year, when Hill was a receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately, Hill was unable to "torch" Revis in Jacksonville's 32-3 loss to the Jets because he was inactive. The Jags later cut him, and now he's general manager Mike Tannenbaum's latest port in the storm. Hill caught one pass for 10 yards against the Texans.

"We're going to be here late tonight, go to Starbucks, get it and let's go, boys," Tannenbaum said (apparently, in a serious voice) last week. "We're not leaving until we get the best wide receiver or cover corner in America. We are not going home, we are not calling our wives, we are not feeling sorry for ourselves."

Once that charming bit of self-delusion passes, the question must be asked -- is the idea of adding Owens to the Jets' already overcooked three-ring circus so crazy?

"I'm going to say this -- anyone who thinks he had an attitude around here or something like that, is wrong," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told me in late August, just after Owens was released. "They don't know what they're talking about. This guy was great. He's done everything we had wanted him to do. He practiced hard, he studied hard, he asked questions, and worked hard in the games. He did everything. He was a terrific competitor and if we had a chance to get him back later in the year, I would not hesitate. I don't think that there is any doubt that he can play in this league. He's got the competitive makeup to do it. He's physically fit for a guy of his years, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in somebody's camp."

Might be time for that to happen.

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