Terrell Owens is still out there, wanting to play football

Shutdown Corner

Terrell Owens hasn't bounced back from ACL surgery as quickly as he thought he would, which wasn't unpredictable, since he had set a superhuman timeline for recovery. And even though we're going on the fifth week of the season, Owens still believes he's going to be back on an NFL roster this season.

"A month or less" is the timeframe he gave to Stephen A. Smith. Here's a bit more from the mind of T.O.:

Owens, seemingly suggesting he has no plans to retire in the near-future, followed that by saying he will "be even better next year."

Asked what an NFL owner can expect if a team were to sign the occasionally-mercurial and often-controversial wideout, the 37-year old Owens told Smith, "They gonna get the T.O. that they expect. Don't expect anything less."

He continued, "I'm not gonna waste your time, so I wouldn't expect you to waste my time. When I step on the field, you know what you gonna get."

If he steps on a field, he's probably going to get arrested, because I really don't think he's going to be playing for an NFL team this season.

I hope he does. I wish him the best, I'd love to see him on Sundays, and I think he'd be able to produce. But I just don't see an NFL team giving him that chance. A young team out of the playoff hunt would rather look at its young guys. An established team in the hunt isn't going to want to mess with its chemistry.

I see one team that maybe, maybe makes sense, and that's T.O.'s 2009 employer, the Buffalo Bills. They're either confident he'll fit well in the locker room or they're not -- they don't have to guess or take a risk, because they've experienced it before. From the outside, it didn't seem like he caused any problems up there. Buffalo isn't weak at receiver, but maybe a healthy Owens could find a spot somewhere between Stevie Johnson, David Nelson and Donald Jones.

It's still a longshot, though. Best of luck to him, but I think the soonest we'll see him on an NFL field again is in 2012.

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