Terrell Owens is still available. Just throwing it out there

So on Sunday night, the Redskins reclaimed their title, and they are once again your NFL Offseason Champs.

There is one way they could send it over the top, though. The McNabb acquisition may have made heads spin, but they could take those spinning heads and make them explode, and in the process, shoot majestic burgundy and gold fireworks out of their eye sockets.

Sign Terrell Owens(notes).

Yeah, that's right, Terrell Owens. Now, don't get me wrong. In no way am I suggesting that this is a good idea. McNabb and Owens say their past is behind them and that they're buddies now, but if it were my team, I still wouldn't mess with it. There's too much history there. Too much potential for distraction.

But in certain ways, it does make sense. Owens is the best free-agent wide receiver available. He could be had inexpensively. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has previously toyed with the notion of acquiring Owens. He would represent an upgrade at receiver for the Redskins. He and McNabb, on the field, were once quite successful together.

It would draw headlines, grab attention, raise expectations to unreasonable levels, and for a day or two, set the world of sports talk on fire. In other words, it would be an extremely Redskin thing to do.

I've become a bit of a Terrell Owens cheerleader over the past few weeks, as free agency has slowly crept by and Owens has been forced to just sit there and watch, like he was the nerdy, unathletic dork getting picked last for kickball at recess. I think he proved what he needed to prove in Buffalo: that he still offers some production, and that he can be a good soldier. If he can do it in Buffalo, he can do it anywhere.

And if it were to happen, and McNabb and Owens could find some success together in Washington ... would that not make for a beautiful story? We're looking at personal growth, redemption, a saved friendship, coming together for the greater good and erasing the darkest moment in both of their careers. Rick Reilly's probably already working on a first draft.

Imagine Owens and McNabb going into Philadelphia, hellbent on revenge, and defiantly beating the Eagles in front of their own fans. That wouldn't make for some decent television?

It's probably best that I stop typing now, before I convince myself that this is actually a good idea.

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