Terrell Owens gets tackled over a wall in IFL game (video)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The main difference between the IFL and the NFL, besides the talent level, salary level and interest level, is the presence of walls surrounding the playing field. In his third game with the Indoor Football League, Terrell Owens found that out the hard way:

Looks like T.O. checked out. (Get it? Checked. Like a hockey check. Never mind.)

The former NFL star had five catches for 50 yards and a touchdown in the Allen Wranglers 45-28 victory over the New Mexico Stars. It was his second appearance with the team. He scored three touchdowns in his league debut last month. In that game, Owens was not acquainted with the only-in-indoor-football move of getting tackled into the front row of seating.

A lack of sideline can't be comforting for a receiver who never liked exposing himself in the middle of the field.

T.O.'s team improved to 3-0 on the season. If this were the NFL, now would be about the time that the mercurial receiver would begin his annual hissy fit.

The 38-year-old Owens missed the entire 2011 NFL season with an ACL injury. He is hoping to play his way back into the league for next season.

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