Terrell Owens completed his court-ordered community service at an LA Goodwill store

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

You may not see Terrell Owens on the football field any time soon, but you may have run into him if you went to a southern California Goodwill store. According to TMZ, Owens fulfilled his community service requirement for falling behind on his child support at Goodwill.

He was ordered to do community service in April, when he fell behind on child support payments to Kimberly Floyd. Though Owens could have faced jail time, he was ordered a scant eight hours of community service. Goodwill was kind enough to take him in and have him work on the floor.

Owens last was on our radar in October, when he reminded the New York Jets that he was available. He played for the Seahawks briefly in the pre-season and he is going to star in a celebrity high-diving show on Fox, but other than that, Owens has had plenty of time on his hands to do community service.

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