Tennessee Titans select Alabama OG Chance Warmack with the 10th overall pick

The Tennessee Titans have selected Alabama OG Chance Warmack with the 10 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Pros: Has the perfect build for a power guard -- compact frame with excellent musculature, big arms, and a wide lower body. Size 17 feet. Tremendously effective drive blocker who takes an aggressive approach to pushing defenders back, but doesn't get reckless when he attacks. Surprisingly light and quick feet allow him to turn and pull -- also has a decent kick-step in pass protection. Able to deal with speed rushers from the outside in combination concepts. Agile when playing zone and forcing one defender out of the play to deal with another upfield. Plays wide enough to get one hand out each to deal with two defenders at times.

Cons: Short arms may present a slight problem at the NFL pace -- Warmack isn't always able to deal with rushers coming from the side unless he gets right in front of them and blocks them out. Gets to the second level effectively off the snap, but tends to skate a bit and isn't as dominant in space as he is when he's in a phone booth. Needs to be with a team where power blocking is job one and line movement is a secondary concern. Has struggled with weight and conditioning at times, but hit the combine at 317 pounds after an extensive pre-draft conditioning program. Ran a slow 10-yard split at the combine, which matches up with a potentially problematic lack of second-level speed.

What he brings to the team: Perhaps the best guard duo in the NFL, after the Titans got Andy Levitre in free agency. While the NFL is moving to a series of schemes in which the passing game is most important and it's key to protect on the move, there will always be a place for those players who possess a special gift for smacking their opponents in the mouth. Warmack is a skilled, intelligent, practiced, and experienced player, butthe heart of his game is focused aggression, and he manifests that in the best possible ways on the field. Some experts believe that Warmack is the best player in this draft class, and while that's subjective, few players have mined the ore of their talents in the right direction. This is a potential multi-Pro Bowl guy from his first NFL season.

Was it the right pick? Yes. Warmack was the best player left on the board, and head coach Mike Munchak knows what to do with offensive linemen. Now, we'll see what the Titans do with their running game.

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