Ten ways the NFL can make things up to the fans

With the end of the lockout Monday, Roger Goodell said this:

"We know what we did to frustrate our fans over the last several months," Goodell said. "We think through a 10-year agreement that we secured the future of the game to ensure that pledge to bring great football to our fans. I think we have some work to do, though, to make sure they understand that we're sorry for the frustration we put them through the last six months."

Well, I'm here to help. If the Commish is serious about doing the fans a solid, here are 10 suggestions on how to do it.

10. Week 1 of the NFL season? Commercial-free. After that, the commercial/kickoff/commercial sequence can never happen again.

9. Permanent banishment of Brett Favre. We can never be bothered with Brett Favre unretirement rumors again.

8. Franco Harris has to tell the truth about The Immaculate Reception.

7. The NFL Sunday Ticket package should be made available not just on DirecTV, but with every cable and satellite provider, as well as on the Internet. And yes, I see the irony in you asking us for forgiveness by affording us more opportunities to give you our money.

6. It's about time we fixed the "tuck rule," right?

5. Live debate on the NFL Network: Roger Goodell vs. James Harrison. Moderated by Al Davis.

4. Get "Friday Night Lights" back on the air, for 10 more seasons. No, I don't know how you're supposed to do it, but find a way. Tell NBC it can't have your games unless they're as a lead-in to FNL. And if you can't manage that, then Kyle Chandler must be given a 10-year contract to be the head coach of the Houston Texans.

3. Every team gets two roster exemptions for players who are allowed to use steroids.

2. Playing the Super Bowl halftime show this year? Janet Jackson, with the complete understanding that if she wants to, she can do the whole thing topless.

1. The 2012 Pro Bowl is played in Canton. Also, in that game only, biting is legal.