Ted Johnson calls Vince Wilfork’s wife ugly on the radio, Vince Wilfork responds

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

When it comes to athletes and sports media members, there is — and should be — only one ironclad rule that you never violate in print or on the airwaves.

You never, ever speak poorly of or disparage another man's wife.

That guideline should really go without saying, but former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson stepped all over it when he recently said on his Houston radio show that current Patriots lineman Vince Wilfork had the ugliest wife in the NFL.

“You know what, I’ve got it,” Johnson said on CBS Houston when a caller asked him to identify the player with the least attractive wife (audio here). “And this is a big, big man. This guy had his way with the Texans this year. He won’t hear this — Vince Wilfork.”

Thing was, there was no way Wilfork — who played on the 2004 New England team with Johnson — wasn't going to hear that awful response in this age of sports blogs and Twitter.

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And once he did, let's just say that Johnson was lucky Wilfork didn't book the next flight to Houston to teach him a thing or two about respect. (Would anyone here have blamed him if Wilfork forcibly fed Johnson his microphone?)

Wilfork instead took to Twitter to point out just how wrong Johnson was:

It really is a shame that Wilfork was put in this position. Bianca Wilfork has always been very public with her support of her husband and the couple runs The Vince Wilfork Foundation, which raises money for diabetes research. She may not fit society's traditional definition of beautiful but she's clearly beautiful to the only person whose opinion matters — Vince Wilfork.

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After seeing Wilfork's angry tweet, Johnson took to Twitter and tried to apologize. But as our friends at Larry Brown Sports note, it was much too late. His original comment was despicable and there's not enough sorries in the world to make up for what he said.

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