Tecmo Super Bowl predicts 49ers win, while Madden goes with Ravens (VIDEO)

Let's get something out of the way before we go into the dueling video game simulations of Super Bowl XLVII: Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest football video game ever and no game will ever displace it.

The 1991 game for Nintendo was the first to have all the teams and save stats through an entire season, and turned Bo Jackson into a virtual legend. I've bought every Madden since about the 1993 version for Sega Genesis, and while that franchise is great, it can't beat the mindblowing-ness of Tecmo Super Bowl in all its 8-bit graphic glory back in the day. Anyone older than 30 who likes video games should be nodding about now.

So when a Tecmo Super Bowl simulation of the Ravens-49ers Super Bowl showed up on YouTube and had a different prediction than the Madden simulation, you know which one I'm siding with.

In the Tecmo simulation (the entire game was played and posted online, and if you're curious, there are emulators online that use updated rosters for TSB each year, and there's a TSB Facebook page to discuss the greatest game ever), the 49ers win 31-17. San Francisco runs up the score a bit with Colin Kaepernick running for a touchdown on the last play (somewhere, a virtual Pete Carroll is asking "What's your deal?").

Madden also released its simulation results on YouTube:

Baltimore wins 27-24 in the Madden simulation with Ray Lewis' pressure on Kaepernick resulting in a last-second interception by Ed Reed.

So there you have it. If we see any Super Bowl simulations using 10 Yard Fight or Super Action Football from Colecovision, we'll keep you updated.

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