Tebow eyeing pricey New Jersey rental near Mark Sanchez’s house

Very soon, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez may be bonded by more than their team affiliation -- the two New York Jets quarterbacks might be neighbors. According to the New York Post and CNBC, Tebow is interested in a rental property at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.

[CNBC: Tebow Eyes New Jersey Luxury Rental]

It's 30 minutes from the Jets practice complex in Florham Park, and there are some pretty nice accouterments. Sanchez also rents a place tied to the Trump club.

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The four-bedroom "cottage" rents for $10,000 per month, and there are only two such residences on the property -- most of the rentals are studios.

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Tebow has eyed other Trump properties, including one in Manhattan. But as a golfer, he may find this difficult to pass up. Sanchez's property features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, as does the prospective Tebow house. (We're assuming Tebow won't try to walk across his.)

In addition to golf and swimming, the house Tebow might take includes equestrian facilities, a fitness center, tennis courts, concierge, room service and meal delivery -- everything a young quarterback needs to keep his mind on the business of learning a new offense and relaxing away from the pressure of New York's prying eyes -- the gatehouse will help with that.

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