Tarell Brown, agent still trying to recoup lost bonus money from San Francisco 49ers

You probably heard the story a few weeks ago: Tarell Brown, a pretty decent cornerback for the 49ers, failed to trigger a bonus of $2 million (as in six zeroes) by not working at the team’s facility this offseason, instead doing his own thing at home in Texas.

Naturally, he found out he missed out on the cash via Twitter. And also naturally, Brown fired his agent, Brian Overstreet after the snafu.

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Brown now has hired respected agent Joel Segal, and their camp is in talks with the 49ers over how they can find a healthy resolution to the whole deal. Brown, however, remains a little miffed at the whole thing. Wouldn’t you feel the same? (You would.)

"No, I haven't moved on," Brown told the Associated Press. "Nothing has happened. They've been working, going back and forth and just seeing what we can do.

“I'm not going to be a distraction to the team at all. That's not my personality first of all, and secondly, the most important thing is us going out there and being prepared and getting ready to play football. I'll let upstairs and my agent handle the rest of that stuff. Take it day by day."

Coach Jim Harbaugh’s hands are tied a bit on this one, but he appears to be rooting for everyone to be happy, saying he wants the two sides to find common ground on the whole deal. Brown would like things figured out prior to the big Week 1 game against the Packers, but he also has promised not to let this snafu be a distraction to his teammates.

It’s a big year for Brown, who turns 29 in January. He’s an impending free agent after signing a three-year extension during the 2009 season. Surely, Segal is aware of that fact.

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