Tampa Bay's new uniforms are here, and they're ... something

Tampa Bay has introduced its new uniforms, and they're, well ... they're something, all right. Or, to quote the Buccaneers' news release: "The uniform is a completely integrated system of dress with a new design that honors the Buccaneers' rich tradition while boldly bringing the team into the future through a modern industrial design aesthetic."

Designed over the course of two years in connection with Nike, Tampa Bay's uniforms combine pewter, "Buccaneer Red" and "Bay Orange." Most dramatically, the numbers are outlined in chrome. Yes, chrome. In press-speak: "Tampa Bay also becomes the first NFL franchise to incorporate a revolutionary reflective chrome border around the numbers on the front, back and shoulders. The chrome border incorporates a technologically advanced reflective coating that adds a new dimension, increased readability and a unique glow to the numbers."

All right, here's the deal. Everybody's all over Twitter screaming about how awful these are, that they're straight out of the XFL and the Arena League called and wants its uniforms back and so on. But you know what? We're going against the grain here. We dig these, if only because they're something different. Heaven knows that we could use that these days in the NFL. And hey, it could be worse ... if the Bucs were truly trying to honor their history alone, they could've gone with the Creamsicles:

 Yeah, be thankful for small gifts. Most importantly for Tampa Bay fans, these jerseys go on sale in April. Have at it!

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