Sweet relief: Millen, Theismann replaced on Thursday nights

The broadcasting pairing of Joe Theismann and Matt Millen -- otherwise known as the cruelest prank ever pulled on NFL fans -- is no more.

The NFL Network has announced that it'll have a new Thursday night broadcast crew, with Brad Nessler doing the play-by-play and Mike Mayock handling the analysis.

Bob Papa, who did the play-by-play with Millen and Theismann, is out of the Thursday night mix, too. He and Theismann will remain with the NFL Network, but in different roles.

Mayock has become known as a draft expert; sort of the NFL Network's answer to Mel Kiper Jr. That's selling him way short, though. He played briefly in the league in the early '80s, and has done a boatload of broadcasting work since. He's called college games, CFL games and NFL games.

I don't mean to kick Theismann and Millen when they're down, but I don't think I'm alone in saying that that little broadcast experience needed to end. One of them at a time might not have been so bad, but if we were going to have to endure another half-season of them together, I would have fully supported this lockout lasting until long after I had died.