Suspend Matt Light? I should think so

Pretend today was any random weekday. You wake up, grab a newspaper and see the news that an NFL player was arrested at a nightclub for grabbing a man's hair, and then repeatedly punching that man in the head.

You could reasonably expect that guy to be suspended by the league, right? Maybe it's not a given, and maybe it's not a major suspension, especially if the guy has a clean record.

But since Roger Goodell fancies himself a leather-assed disciplinarian, to me, a suspension seems likely. He had a guy on one of his fields yesterday, on his airwaves, in his uniform, wearing his NFL logo, showering punches on a helmetless player. That's not good.

If that can get you suspended in a nightclub, doesn't it make it worse for the league that the incident took place on the field? Considering that the violent images are highlighted as part of the NFL experience on every highlight show on Sunday and Monday?

Because that's exactly what's been happening. I can't go ten minutes without seeing it on television. It's on more often than Billy Mays. I'm considering picking up one of those Awesome Augers. They make Augging look Awesome.

But the most important thing to an sports league today is a squeaky-clean image, and Matt Light didn't help that cause much yesterday. I don't know what Crowder did to him, but the damage that Goodell is concerned about doesn't have anything to do with Light, or with Crowder, but with the league's image.

I'd be surprised if Light didn't get at least a week off.

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