Surprised by Peyton Hillis? Not as surprised as Terrell Suggs

Peyton Hillis(notes) getting loose for 144 yards on 22 carries against the vaunted Ravens' defense surprised most people. It didn't surprise anyone more than it surprised Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs(notes), though.

Before yesterday, Suggs had never heard the name "Peyton Hillis" before in his life. He admitted as much on the Dan Patrick radio show this morning.

"Never heard of him before in my life," Suggs said. "I know who he is now."

It's just hard to fathom that Suggs hadn't even heard of Hillis. I realize that Peyton Hillis isn't a household name -- your bedroom is not likely plastered with Peyton Hillis posters, and your kid is probably not going to be Peyton Hillis for Halloween. It's not like HillisMania has swept the nation.

But with all of the film study and prep work that goes into an NFL game plan, how do you never stumble across the name Peyton Hillis? He had nine carries and four receptions in Week One, and then eight carries and three receptions in Week Two. Hillis kind of came out of nowhere, but he also kind of didn't.

I'm not suggesting that Suggs wasn't properly prepared for the game, or that he was neglectful in any way. It's just strange. Maybe he only knew him as "#40."

Anyway, Baltimore was expected to dismantle Cleveland, but was only able to eke out a narrow victory after trailing for much of the game. Hillis had a lot to do with Cleveland's surprising performance. I'm guessing Baltimore will be a little better prepared for him next time around.

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